We are so excited about having your group join us at Episode this year! We want this experience to be as simple and stress free as possible for you and your entire group. As you plan and prepare for this amazing weekend, please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything! We want to help you!

Please click on this link to download all the necessary forms for your group.

  • The first is an Episode 20 Info Sheet. This sheet is for your needs only. If you want to modify it, change it or not use it at all, that’s fine with us. We don’t need this form back from you, but it may be helpful to you in collecting necessary information from your students.
  • The second document is the TRBC Waiver. You will need to have this form completed by each of your participants and leaders. Please bring these completed forms with you to Episode and we will collect them from you there.
  • The third document is a rooming list excel file. Please the the instructions tab in the excel document for information on how to properly complete this form. We will also collect hoodie information and food allergy information on this sheet. You can collect that information through the first info sheet if you so desire. Please submit this form back to us via email by February 14th, 2020. Please email this form back to

If you have any problems or questions about these forms, just let us know. Thanks so much. We will see you soon!