Event Description

You have a story. ­Your life tells a story, unique to only you. In the story of your life, there are smaller stories playing themselves out all the time. These stories, though small, define you, shape you, move you, and ultimately write out your story at large. We like to call these stories, Episodes. It’s a story within a story, yet a single episode can change the rest of the story forever.

That’s where Episode comes in. It’s a weekend specifically designed to create one amazing, defining episode in the story of students’ lives. Episode is a weekend retreat held each year at Ridgecrest Conference Center, in Ridgecrest, NC for High School and Middle School students. It’s a jam-packed three days that includes engaging worship, dynamic and challenging biblical teaching, exciting games and programming, and quality relationship building opportunities. The goal of Episode is to create moments for students to grow in their walk with Christ, foster Christ-honoring relationships with peers, and return home excited about the mission God has given them. We would love for you to join us this year at Episode, February 23 – 25, 2024.